Unstoppable Self Confidence

The playbook for creating the indestructible, natural confidence and success of the 1%

Amazon #1 Best Seller in the US and UK

Learn how to create the mindset of the 1% who live life on their terms and achieve success in all they do. A no-nonsense application specific guide to the most powerful strategies and success principles to build the mindset and confidence that will make you unstoppable.


Unstoppable Self Confidence Audio Book

The playbook for creating the indestructible, natural confidence and success of the 1%

There is something incredibly powerful about hearing the words from a book, about having someone talk you through the process. You can listen to the material whilst driving, walking, running, at the gym, and I have found that many of my biggest breakthroughs have come exactly this way


How To Stop People Pleasing

Stop caring what others think, let go of needing anyone else's approval and take control of your life.

People pleasing and approval seeking are one of the most toxic and success destroying habits that exist. You cannot be truly authentic; live authentically, make authentic choices, go after what you truly want, until you give up the need to please others or seek their approval in any way.  In this course I show you how to give up this damaging, destructive habit.....fast.


How To Stop Overthinking

Become the master of your mind, control and focus your thoughts so that they help you instead of harming you

The foundation stone of all success in anything is having the ability to control your mind and focus your thoughts. Overthinking causes huge pain to those that suffer with it. This course shows you the step by step blueprint to to becoming the master of your mind instead of its slave


Stop Worrying, Start Living

Eliminate worry & doubt and start living the life you want

Worrying is a habit you learned. So you can unlearn it. And when you do, you unleash your potential and the potential for your life. This course shows you how to let go of this destructive habit


Create Life On Your Terms

The ultimate blueprint to becoming the person you want to be and creating the life you want to live

The ultimate playbook for creating your dream life on your terms. Whether it's your perfect partner, your dream home, finding your purpose or financial freedom, this ground breaking course shows you exactly how you can create the life you want to live and become the person you want to be


This is incredibly powerful material, with hard-hitting truths I wish everyone would have come across, yesterday. Before I found Unstoppable Self Confidence I had already read lots of books, listened to audibles and watched videos on life-hacking and self-improvement but they didn’t fit for me and so I never got the benefits. But through Andrew’s work, I finally realised that confidence is about re-discovering who you really are.

Johanna Bohnert, Germany


Andrew has a terrific ability to challenge the reader to consider what could be, what is possible, by applying some very simple yet clever techniques. His ideas and philosophy are accessible, realistic and easily applied.
He writes from a personal and honest viewpoint which gives his ideas a validity often lost in personal development literature. If you are looking for a a toolbox of strategies to help frame your goals I recommend giving his material a look

Dean Stephens, Australia


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